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Lost days, pictures fade.
Sunday, November 29, 2009

19th November 2009

Choir today! :D

Train-ed and bus-ed to school and alighted at the SHPS main gate there. Saw some Bedok South Sec peeps (i tink) at the bus stop there then i saw this guy he looked very like _____. I tot it was _____ then i faster 逃. Dont ask me why. Cos i dont know why also. Then finally quite far from them liao so i heaved a sigh of relief. Then suddenly from behind, a low voice shout(?) "Joanne!". Wahpiang, at that moment i really "OMG OMG OMG." Then i slowly turn around. Cheh, it's Clara. Wth, scared the hell outta me. Clara in alto so got low voice. (: Not tht low luh, normal. hehe.

Then saw the canteen and it was like "poof! it's gone." All the tables and chairs were shifted out and all. They want renovate? I dont know. Afterthat saw Peisi then went up music room with her. Hanged our umbrellas outside. Then went in music room for choir and all. We sang this song called "Fever". Then we learned the third verse mah. Tink is called verse. Then there was this line saying: "Chicks were born to give you fever". Then everyone was like laughing and singing when they reached that part.

And after choir ended, Corliss asked me if i know what does "Chicks were born to give you fever" really means and i nodded. And she told me to explain to Peisi cos she doesnt know. And i seriously couldnt believe Peisi thought the song was like about BIRD FLU. Omg. Cos she thought chicks as in really chicks, chicken those animals, you know.. And then she thought like the fever got to the chicks then spread to humans and that's how the bird flu came about. And when the humans got the disease, they'll have fever and that's how the song name came about. I was like O.O and =.= .

So yeah, i explained to her by saying like "You know, chicks and punks? Then punks is the 帅哥 (handsome guys) and so chicks is the very pretty girls. Then like you know if for example a guy see a pretty girl which is the chick, he will like.. feel hot right? You know, you know. So in this song they describe the hot to like a fever." and she got it. I think she got it and i hope she got it. Peisi too innocent. hehe. It was damn wierd and awkward when explaining. :X

Somewhat prank called Peisi and Shane on the bus. We're on the same bus. Sitting beside and opposite each other somemore. haha. Cos my phone private number deh. :D

Afterthat went to T1 with Peisi then went to Sasa buy nail buffer. & also to find nail polish for top coat but they nv sell. :( Saw some masks thing then Peisi say masks good. haha. Then got this 2 for 1 promotion so we two buy, she buy 1 I buy 1 and the free one she take. (:

Then we saw the christmas decorations and there were so many reindeers and their nose is really round and red. There's light in the nose (sounds so wrong) so it was very bright. And most of them came in pairs cos there's a female and male reindeer and Peisi and I was laughing and laughing and laughing cos... Dont tink sick. haha.

16th November 2009
Choir today! :D

Went to have lunch with Peisi at School opposite the Macdonald. Went to find seat then go order. Peisi wanted to order the meal that will get 8 stickers for the monopoly game deh and in the end everything screwed up. And she got a cheese burger, a drink, fries, a mc chicken burger and 4 monopoly stickers. I bought fillet-o-fish the lunch value meal or smthg, thw $4.50 deh. (:

Then buy le, sat down, want to eat liao then Jiawen came with her tray of food. haha. She joined us, we chat and all then went to school for choir. Choir started, sing sing sing and all. And then it was finally time to decorate our notice board. :D I brought some colour papers, markers and black namecards. Cos i tot can like make the piano keys with it mah. :D :D

Clara, Clarissa, Jiawen, Fung Koi, Drusilla, Terrence, Veena, Jervina, Corliss, Nadia, Shane, Cheryl, Kay Yee, Natasha, Peisi and I were all there. (: (: -Sorry if i forgot to put your name up there- Then Natasha, Peisi and me did the piano as suggested and the rest did smthg else.

And thanks to all of our hardwork.. *drumroll*
Tadaa! Our nicest choir notice board. haha.

Afterthat the remaining of us took photos together. :D

My awesome seniors. <3

Me, Natasha, Kay Yee and Peisi. xD

Seniors and us. xD

haha, okay, that's all. (:

Saturday, November 28, 2009

13th November 2009

Hildan Sparks today. (:

Went up the hall at 2 then go sit down. I had to pin up my hair. T.T damn Mr Tay CH. D:< I dislike him man. Not just because of this. roar. Took attendance and got this tcher go around check everyone's attire and grooming. Sigh. Then afterthat, all the prize awardees waited and waited. Wait for 1hour. Damn sian can. But lucky got this video presentation thing if not i will be bored to death. But the video presentation repeated like twice or thrice. T.T So, still bored loh. I didnt know that the ceremony starts at 3. Wth. Nv see the form entirely. D: Sigh.

More and more parents started entering the hall and find seats. And the thing finally started. :D The guest-of-honour came and all, say speech all that. She's a doctor at Tan Tock Seng hospital if aint wrong and was from SHSS last time. And when she was saying her speech, she was like mumbling all the way, cannot seem to hear what she say ley..

Afterthat blahblahblah then my row got up go take prize lerh. Then came back to sit down. Well, got 2 cerfiticates, 1 for visual art and the other for chinese. Then also got medal. (: But i got the wrong one, i got the one that belongs to Qamarina. Most of us got the wrong ones. haha. Waited for everyone to get prize and then song time then finally end lerh. xD

All the parents and all left for the tea reception at the canteen while all the awardees stayed back for this photo taking thing. But in the end also dont have deh. -.- Wth. All those who got the wrong medals went to change with the person who got theirs and all. Then i went to get the other medal for visual art. (: hoho.

Afterthat, all of us can go home le then i very thirsty, want drink water. Then at the canteen got i tink orange juice or what, i want drink and eat smthg, hehe.. but Noreen say better not cos our parents nv come, wait we eat then like very bad. T.T But what she says is true also. Then bus-ed and train-ed home, alone. :(

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hildan Sparks rehearsal today.

Took 22 then i only st hildan, feel damn wierd. At first wanted to meet up with Cheryl but she reached first so she went first lor. haha. Reached school the main gate then saw Jervina, Clarissa and Veena. xD Then they were talking about this Jonas Brothers thing but i cant seem to make out what they were talking about ley. :X

Waved goodbye then went to canteen sit and waited like for about half an hour. Damn sian can. Sat beside Chelsea then sms ppl to chit chat with me but none replied at that time until after the entire rehearsal ended. =.=" Oh, and Cheryl cut bangs. She looks cute. >.< But her bangs super short. But still cute luh. :D haha. Hai.. super sian. Then finally 2.30pm liao so we went up the hall, look at our seat number and all. Then also got write what subject you get for the award thing. I got for visual arts and chinese. o.o But counted as one bah.

Then went to find the seat. But only the first row ppl got chair to sit. So good, then the rest have to sit on floor. T.T Rehearsed twice and it was freaking boring cos still have to wait for everyone else to 'get' their award. Haix. Somemore rehearse twice siah. Second time when waiting for everyone else to 'get' their award, i was damn freaking bored that i started to count sheeps. LOL. Count till 1000 the thing still havent finish then i dont want count liao. Somemore i count until so slowly.. Haix.

Oh, & Clarissa and Veena were in charge of singing some songs during the event and so they also went for the rehearsal. haha. :D Jia Wen was thr too. Dono why. (: Andand, you know when we go up take prize, there's this ppt presentation then they will put your name and all and the WORST thing is that they put your photo. Retarded laa. D:< wth. rawr.

Afterthat, everthing ended. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY. :D Followed Noreen go Mac buy fries then bused to inter then trained to Simei. Dinner with family at CC then went to ep see some christmas deco. stuff. Wanted to buy the $19.90 big big chritmas tree de but my father dont want. T.T Sian la. My house one damn freaking short can. Bleh.

Currently watching some Campus Superstar 2007 gossip vids, very funny. xD LOL.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

07th November, Saturday

ION orchard today with Joyce! :D

Met up with Joyce at ep the kfc. Cos she was having her lunch thr. haha. Afterthat, we headed straight to the mrt and train-ed to city hall and then took the red line deh. :D Meanwhile in the mrt, we played ds. (: When we just came out of Orchard mrt station, Ion was just right infront of us liao. Almost all the shops thr high class deh, so obviously, their stuff is ex.

Window shopped and then we found Ion a little boring cos walk here walk there then no more shop liao. It was actually cos we were only in one of the Ion building. Still got another one at all the way opposite it which is much bigger. They both are seperated by this big road. haha. Cool. Then we have to go basement then walk all the way to the other building.

We didnt know it earlier on so we thought that was all of Ion so we went out of it and went to Isetan supermarket which is at another building. Was very hungry at that time then just nice again like last time, got the same japanese free food samples. haha. Read my 31st October, Saturday 2009 post. :D So, go eat. hehe. Almost everything thr was imported from Japan de siah, so most of them are expensive. Then we went to buy sushi. :D :D Not bad luh, but hard hard deh, like just came out from freezer. But they were cheaper than outside deh. (:

Afterthat went to Shaw Centre seeseelooklook but nthg one. Zzz. Then went open space thr, take pic and all. Got christmas decorations le, so early siah. Then i bought coke from mac. Afterthat we notice got the other Ion building but like dono go whr cross so we went back to the just now the building we went to then try can go to the other building by underground means.

Went basement and i bought fishcake. The long long one. Then Joyce say it looks so wrong. Somewhat agree but it's still nice. haha. :D Then when Joyce and i was walking, got this guy dress up as gorilla giving out flyers. Then i saw it then i was shocked la. Then i kept looking at Joyce then she got that "huh? what? what happen?" look. That blur queen. (: Then i pointed to the gorilla then she look around then she still nv see until the gorilla siah. Then after awhile, she screamed like i dont know what then everyone around us like look at us. haha. She damn funny siah. :D

Walk walk walk, we alr at the next building liao. Then went MUJI then Joyce bought this mix fruits and mango drink. It tastes wierd. Took the long long escalator and window shopped around. Ion really has many escalators.

Afterthat went to this bookshop thing then saw this Guiness World Records book so we opened it and read. haha, was amazed by some stuff. Awesome. Got this woman with the longest fingernails. It was damn gross can. And scary. Joyce says she looks like a witch which i somewhat agree. haha. Want see? click here Somebody commented on that website that, at dono when, she met up with an accident and all her nails broke. o.o Maybe not true bah. I aint sure. And got this woman with the longest pair of legs, 130+cm long i tink. o..o And then got this tribal person or what, his mouth can open until so big that he can support one plate. Totally ohmygawd.

We read the book for like half an hour? haha. >:D Afterthat went to walk around and all. Then we went to see the toilet. Wakaka. There were so many cubicles siah. Then the basin so cool. Cos infront of you is the mirror mah. Then you wash hand liao, then can dry your hand under the mirror. There's a machine thr. And then at the other side, there is tissue under the mirror also and below the tissue area, is the mini dustbin. :D haha. Nice.

Then somemore got children's toilet. And the baby room thing so good siol. Got provide hot and cold water de, but saddly no paper cups. haha. And then also have this warmer thing to warm up the baby's milk or food thing. haha, so good siah. Then also got one chair and beside it, still got this fan thing.

We walk until damn damn tired so went to sit down. :D Afterthat we went out of Ion and thr was this christmas event going on. O.O December havent even come yet... Then got so many Boys Bridgade ppl. Then got this guy he dress up as Santa and he rode his motorbike into the scene. LOLS. Afterthat, Joyce and I go take train liao. We two very tired and extremely hungry. Pathetic. Somemore the train so squeezy deh. bleh.

She alighted at Bedok and I, Simei. (: Went to ntuc buy cup noodle cos at home nthg to eat one. Sian. Prima Deli next to buy cupcake for my sist. haha, then go home liao.

Photos taken today. :D

Some are just random pics. Ahh, finally uploaded them all. It was so tiring.

Had fun today. :D

05th November, Thursday
After choir today, went to have dinner with Peisi. :D Actually wanted to eat at Mos Burger deh but for some reasons, we went to the newly opened Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits to eat. At Century Square deh. xD So many ppl thr then no seat. So thought of going foodcourt but got seat liao. haha.

Had the 2pc chicken de. Not bad luh, but i tink kfc de much nicer. And also kfc de cheaper. :D Here at Popeyes, $7.10. But besides the 2pc chicken, also got mash potato(also got others), this biscuit/bread thing and they also provide jam. And of course, a drink too. Oh, and their spoon+fork thing very cool. :D I dont like their mash potato. Is spicy one then got these chunky stuff inside and small pieces of chicken also if aint wrong. So i still like kentucky fried chicken more. xD Then someone came to take survey. haha.

Afterthat, went to take pic of christmas tree and all. Photo time. :D

That's all. :D

02nd November, Monday

Choir today! :D

Met up with Peisi. Actually wanted to meet at Tamp mrt guardian but when i went down the lift of my hdb block, she was standing there. O.O I was like damn shock, cos she nv tell me she waiting for me at my house. haha. Train-ed and went to T1 for Frolick yoghurt. :D Had the 5oz deh with oreo topping. Veh nice. (:

Afterthat went to interchange to wait for bus. We were like alr gonna late liao but luckily Cheryl came and we not so worried liao. :D haha, dont know why also. Choir started and practised our christmas carols and all. (: We'll be performing at Century Square. hehe.

After choir, there was some cakes given by Ms Winnie Goh i tink. Peisi went to get one and then we were standing at staircase there and Beryl shouted to us to say that she want some cake. Peisi go tell Wai Kit and they both rushed to the music room to take for Beryl. haha. Then Wait Kit's mouth was full of cake at that time and he tried to tell Clarissa, Veena, Corliss they all that Beryl wanted the cake. And then he finally managed to say it. " werwell wa hum hae" adapted from Peisi's blog. haha. Hope she doesnt mind. :D hoho. Everyone was laughing like crazy. (:

Went to take the bus home with Peisi and Corliss then went to shop awhile at T1 then bought seaweed from guardian. :D haha.

That's all about today yeah.

31st October, Saturday
Shopping with Joyce today! :D

Went to T1, TM and Century Square. :D Joyce needed to buy some stuff, she even had a shopping list. haha. Met at mrt Guardian there and then went to shop. (: Went to T1 first and bought bbt. Went to the shops and whatever whatever whatever.

Afterthat went to TM , seeseelooklook and then we went to Isetan. I was super hungry at that time and just nice got this Japanese food sale thing. And got free samples! LOL, i sound like some kiasu auntie here. haha. Yeah, so i go try laa, cos super hungry mah. haha, they taste damn nice can. Maybe cos i was yearning for something to eat bah. Around the area, got one Japanese song being played, damn wierd siol.

Then went to find wallet but all Joyce dont like. Went to see myuk de also dont have. :/ Then i went Long John to eat. :D Nice. Century Square next and Joyce bought her handphone strap and shoelace.

We went to T1 again cos i wanted to buy the huge pooh bear but out of stock liao. T.T Only got piglet and tigger. The piglet face so big, look damn wierd so bought tigger. :D 20bucks, T.T Then we went window shopping and all. Lazy say and also forgot some. :X

When we were about to leave, it was raining. T.T And i was carrying that big big stuff toy. So troublesome. We went to the Century Square taxi stand to wait for Joyce's sist to fetch her and afterthat, i went home alone. bleh.

Reach home, my sist was overjoyed when she saw the tigger. LOL. Saddly, got one hole at the head thr. Wth. I nv even see it when i bought it. But i got somewhat check ley. Sian, next day still need go change. Zzz. Waste all my effort for bringing it home when it is raining somemore.

Photo time! :D

Friday, November 6, 2009


30th October, Friday

Today's morning assembly was much longer than usual cos of the closing service and stuff. And afterthat we had Leadership workshop in the school hall. Damn boring. Discipline talks about behaviour, academic, and cca.

After recess, went up to 4H and our report books would be issued soon. Think that everyone was anxious about their results then. Whether they would get promoted anot and so on. Mrs Chan gave out the EXPRESS booklist first. Everyone got the same one cos teacher just gave it out liddat and it should mean that everyone maintained in EXPRESS stream. xD

Then teacher called us out one by one to collect our report book and it was finally my turn. Was very happy with my result, so yeah. xD Sec 2 express next yr. :D Lazy type out result so if you want know then just click the pic below to enlarge it. But the pic bad quality. :/


After school, went to Peisi's house. Had lunch there and all. Noreen was with us too. xD Tv-ed and mag-ed and it was time to go. Boarded the bus and reached bedok reservoir. Alight alr, still had to walk a very long distance. T.T Walked, walked, walked, finally reached the floating platform thing. Somewhat nice scenery over thr.

While waiting for our leg to be called, we went to the floating bridge thing, whatever it's called. The bridge do moves and shakes a little when the wind comes. (: haha. Then met Chenting and we were bored, so we raced. A short distance only. :D Was so bored and we made some wierd but interesting story about the class 'family line' among Peisi, Chelsea and I. o.o And there were 2 dogs. Damn cute can, i like dogs but scared of them. I know this is totally diao. LOL. I wanted to touch them but didnt dare to. haha.

Finally leg 11 was called and we went to gather at an area and was led to checkpoint B. Well, i was running for choir xD and was partnering Peisi. Did some stretching and then leg 10 came with the flags. Peisi took it from Natasha and we headed off. Ran with Peisi, she hold the flag, then i, then her, then i. And suddenly, she disappeared. o.o Turn around, no see her. Run, run, run. Turn around, no see her again. o.o LOL. Then reached the Checkpoint C liao so pass the flag to Fung Koi and Jia Wen. :D haha. The run was nice and fun. xD

Were given Newater. I dont really like it, got one smell. Drink the water while waiting for Peisi to come. I thought she faint or what siah, cus i waited quite long for her. Then i went upper the path to wait for and find her, then finally she came. (:

Jogged and walked back to the floating platform with Peisi and we went to get our free buns and bought drinks. xD haha. Then the entire jogathon ended. There was no more space under the shelter so we had to sit out of it. All the way to one side. We were very near to the speaker. The sky was darkening and soon, lightning was seen and thunders were heard. The ending ceremony still went on despite those dangerous lightnings flashing through the dark sky. The lightnings were very very pretty though. :D

Throughout the whole ceremony, Shane, Cheryl, Peisi, Natasha and me were almost deaf. Seriously. We were so near the speaker and the speaker was facing us directly somemore. Then when the song for the march pass was played, we were even more closer to being deaf liao laa. Some notes damn high and it was much much more deafening. T.T

The ceremony ended and some stuff happened, lazy say. Went to take bus with Clarissa and Corliss. (: Before that went to ShengShiong with Jervina, Peisi, Corliss and Clarissa cos Clarissa wanted to buy drink. Buy alr, went to find bus stop. It was raining damn heavily then. Went to one bus stop but it was the wrong one so we went to the opposite one. Corliss was super hyper. She kept laughing non stop. And Clarissa was totally drenched. Cos she was sharing an umbrella with Corliss and i dont know why she suddenly swung around Corliss to get to the right side of Corliss. haha. And that was when Corliss started laughing like.. i dont know what. :D But it was fun and funny.

Our shoes were so freaking wet and so squishy. Yuck, damn gross. The bus came and we boarded it. Amelia, Sandra, Su`aidah, Allyah also on the bus. Reached interchange and waved goodbye to Clarissa and Corliss.

Thank you Clarissa and Corliss for bringing me to the bus stop and all. :D


29th October, Thursday
Saddly, 1F went to 4H today. T.T Cos of some o'lvl stuff bah. And all sec 1s were supposed to spring clean their classrooms during that period of time but we also not at our classroom, spring clean for the other class for what. Mrs Chan very good, she say no need clean the class since the class alr clean. haha. xD

Chit chat talk talk talk with peepos and all and soon recess came and then headed to hall for this Tanzania talk thing. This Singporean guy migrated to Tanzania? and he came here to share with us about Tanzania, blahblahblah. Oh, i so love the part where a sec 2 guy went up and tried to demo with the speaker how to greet, handshake and all. Especially when asking about his girlfriend.

(Jambo means hi in Tanzania.)

Speaker: "Jambo!"
Sec 2 guy: "Jambo!"

(all the other questions..)

Speaker: "How's school?"
Sec 2 guy: "Jambo!"

Speaker: "What about your girlfriend?"
Sec 2 guy: "Jambo!"

And everyone was laughing their heads off. LOL. :D Liked that moment. Cos he's like saying his girlfriend is Jumbo. Means his gf is big bah. Haha. So funny. I think if that Sec 2 guy was very serious about the demo, everyone in the hall would alr be bored to death. Haha so yeah, thats about it, the talk thing about Tanzania.

Afterthat there was Talentime. Staying in the hall again. Hate it manxz. The hall suck. Talentime was okay. I only like the part where this guy acted as MJ and danced like him. His dance moves were really somewhat like MJ's. Pro. And i also like the mop head girl/boy. HAHA.

Prize giving next and all. And finally everything ended. I think i went to Peisi's house afterthat, forgot liao. heh. >.<

28th October, Wednesday
Mother Tongue Enrichment today! :D

Hearing about "Mother Tongue Enrichment", i bet it was some boring, sucking programme. Maybe you too might think that way. Unless you like Chinese. o.o Ha, but i was wrong, it was totally fun and awesome. :D

We did calligraphy. Painting/Drawing instead of writing words. :D It was new to me. The teacher was nice. But our class like abit "bully" him liddat. LOL. I dont know, :X. So yah, we were given the paper, brush and most importantly the ink. And all those necessary stuff. All of us practiced drawing thick and thin lines then we started with the main thing. The drawing of vegetables. o.o Mushrooms, cabbage and chilli. haha, fun.

Then after recess, we learned how to draw goldfishes. All the examples of the goldfish so nice. haha, cute luh. >.< I draw the weeds(?) so suck deh. lol. Afterthat everyone went to wash up their stuff and the basin outside the toilet was so flooded man. Black water, yuck. Look from far, it's as if the basin has no base. The teacher keep our work. T.T Sadded. He say need mark. -.- Dont know leyy, hope we get it back next yr. :D haha.

27th October, Tuesday

Recess was super early today man. 8.15am sial. Afterthat gathered together and then board the bus and off to hpb. Went to this place thingy. And we had to find answers to fill up a worksheet given to us. Inside was somewhat nice. There was this pregnant statue and we can feel the baby's movements inside her stomach just by pressing her necklace. It was so cool. And when the baby is 7months old, it can open his or her eyes to see alr. But inside the stomach also nothing to see deh. haha.

Most of the statues in the hpb place looked somewhat real. Time was up for finding the answers so we gathered outside and were given free magnolia milk. The mini one. haha. Hpb also gave us this i dono what thing and antiseptic wipes. lol. Then went back to school liao.